All information about warranty and product return instructions will be specified here. For some cases where you order online, we will have separate agreements to ensure the highest benefits for you.

1. Warranty Conditions

* Goods with technical defects and manufacturer errors such as deformed products, cracks, ribs,…
* Goods are damaged or cracked due to transportation.
* Goods delivered do not match the design or type that the customer ordered.
* The delivered goods are missing and do not have enough included sets (if it is a combo).

If you detect the above cases, please do not receive the goods and ask our delivery staff to confirm the condition of the goods RIGHT AT THE TIME OF RECEIVING THE GOODS and request a return.

If not, the customer must immediately report the defective goods to us within 3 days from the date of receipt to receive replacement support. After 3 days, we will not support the resolution because the customer has agreed by default. with the delivered product.

2. General Returns and Conditions

* Defective products are determined by us and are considered to be the manufacturer’s fault.
* No scratches, dents, external damage, breakage…
* Time to exchange goods is no more than 03 days from receipt of goods (based on purchase invoice or receipt signed by the delivery party).

For all products where the error has been identified, we will replace the product for the customer. In case there is no longer a product in stock, we commit to refund the cost (according to the agreement between both parties) through forms of “Cash” or “Transfer” for customers.